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Deliver contextual experiences that drive usage, retention, and new ad revenue.

Deliver timely, actionable content to users when they're in-store driving daily active usage and loyalty.

Unlock high impact ad inventory at 10,000% higher CPM than conventional banners by delivering context-relevant engagements in store.

No hardware or installation. With our easy to install SDK for iOS and Android you can instantly start delivering location specific content from over 100,000 retailer locations to your users.

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"It's natural for shoppers to use Epicurious in the store -- whether it's to be inspired by recipes and ingredients or to see what's in season. We can make that in-store experience better by delivering content that simply makes sense for the time and place. With inMarket, we're harnessing location and ambient intelligence to deliver native content at the perfect time in the shopper's journey. The results are clear: Shoppers love it, and so do our partner brands."

Craig Kostelic, Head of Digital, Bon Appetit and Epicurious

The inMarket Proximity Network is intended for apps with over 100,000 downloads. If your app qualifies, please contact us for consideration.