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Engage tens of millions of shoppers in-store when it matters most, with Native Proximity

Timing Matters

Deliver full page interactive engagements, in-store while consumers use their favorite shopping apps.

Your brand content is embedded within the flow of helpful relevant app utility, delivering brand engagement for an average of 90 seconds.

Our industry-leading network of secure beacons are deployed in store-aisle across the country, all backed by our Precision in-store GPS system to accurately target shoppers in every major retailer nationwide.

In-depth analytics included with each campaign detailing:

  • Purchase Intent Lift
  • Measured ROI
  • Engagement Metrics
  • Brand Awareness Lift
  • and more

True In-Store App Scale

Our exclusive network of the world's leading shopping and lifestyle publishers like Condé Nast and more allow you to reach 44 million monthly active shoppers (per comScore) on the apps they already use and love in store .

A track record of delivering high ROI campaigns
for global brands since 2010.

"With inMarket and the power of mobile, we were able to create visually stimulating, informative and measurable engagements that helped CLR jump off the shelf and into shoppers’ baskets. "

Matt Cote | VP, Video Innovation, A. Eicoff & Company

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