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Reach shoppers at the perfect time with Quantum Receptivity


Predict when shoppers are in the path-to-purchase

You start with the freshest location data, gathered from 1st-party apps with the accuracy of mobile sensors, and the precision, down to a few feet, of beacons.

Over time, accurate location reveals patterns...

By observing when and how frequently a shopper visits certain store categories, you can discern their receptivity to your messaging.

Cherry-pick the best impressions

A Sunday grocery shopper is most receptive leading up to her trip, and least receptive on Mondays. Knowing the patterns on an individual level, allows you to dramatically increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your media buy.

Receptivity over shopping cycle

Data reveals unique fingerprints across verticals.

Power cross-device campaigns with Quantum Receptivity data.

A leap forward in deterministic media.

"Quantum Receptivity has beaten the paid search, promoted social, and display ads that we have used (successfully) in the past. Sporting possibly the smartest targeting that we've seen, Quantum Receptivity delivers a more engaged audience than older forms of digital marketing. It delivers a lot more bang for our clients' buck in both impressions and engagement."

Bernard Gomez | Founder, Crescendo Collective

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